Science Crunchers follows a three-step formula to bridge the gap between science and communication.


Scientists, writers, and designers work together to ask the right questions. After studying the brief, we start research and critically think about the problem identified with the Client.
Projects focused on writing contents often involve searching and reading scientific literature. For projects focused on visuals and graphic/motion design the first step always involve research on visual ideas and references.


After a thorough research project we assemble all pieces of information and the crunching begins! Ideas and information are organised and summarised, sketches are developed and concepts become clear.
Different possibilities are explored and tested, and a content (written or visual) proposal is prepared to share with the Client.
Critical thinking is vital in this process, together with constant communication and the multi-disciplinary expertise of our team.


Before the prototype is ready to share with our Clients, all our creations – written, visual or others – are reviewed internally by our team.
Not only this multiple review step guarantees the quality of our work before it is shared with our Clients, having a fresh pair of eyes improves the services we deliver.
Because we provide custom-made solutions, a highly interactive and communicative teamwork is vital to our daily routines.

Our final outputs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each Client, and we work closely with them to ensure that the output is aligned with their vision, meets their expectations, and effectively communicates their message to their target audience. Our focus is not only on delivering a high-quality product, but also on creating a positive experience for our Clients throughout the entire project.


Following our unique approach, we provide multidisciplinary and tailor-made services to our clients.

An in-depth analysis and discussion of scientific research and development. Our writers have expertise in various scientific fields and are dedicated to crafting informative and scientifically accurate pieces that showcase the latest advances and discoveries in your area of interest.

Our motion graphics experts can animate visual elements and illustrations, edit real video footage, or combine both approaches in visually spectacular creations. Bring your videos to the next level by adding music and voice over.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We fully agree with that statement. At Science Crunchers, we are experts in turning complex knowledge into visually appealing infographics.

Upgrade the visibility of your project and enter the digital era. User-friendly, content-rich websites that serve to communicate your project and interact and gather leads within your audience.

If you believe that a good presentation works wonders in communicating your data, then we are in total agreement. Our experts work closely with you to create visually stunning slide decks that effectively communicate your data and research findings.

The visual identity of your project or company is the face they present to the world every single day. Science Crunchers’ creative team is here to help you put your best face on!

The perfect output for comprehensive and engaging overviews of scientific topics, ideal for academic or outreach purposes. Our team of expert science writers and designers collaborate to ensure that the information is accurate, accessible, and visually appealing.

Choose your target audience and we take care of the rest. Tailor-made educational and outreach solutions including interactive and engaging activities, and contents that promote science literacy and engagement.

1…2…Post! The social media world is fast and ever changing. You can count with our team of experts to produce visual and written content that will reach out to new audiences and target groups in several platforms.